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Real-time Aseel Emergency Response Update

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Aseel Responds to Afghanistan’s Ongoing Crisis

Aseel, an e-commerce platform, was launched in 2019 to assist the artisan sector in Afghanistan, the first country it operated in, and now Turkey. By supporting the sale of goods globally and, in turn, creating jobs, Aseel has helped promote the artisans' economic stability. We have over 1,800 Afghan and Turkish artisans, and we offer nearly 8,000 handcrafted goods to customers worldwide on our website. However, after the fall of the Afghan government to the Taliban on August 15, 2021, Aseel added Aseel Emergency Response to help vulnerable and internally displaced individuals and families in Afghanistan. 

The Aseel Emergency Response allows anyone to:

Donors can purchase emergency packages such as the Emergency Package for Child Relief, Emergency Food Package, Emergency Baby Care Package, and Emergency Life Package, which can help a family or an individual for at least five weeks. The vulnerable families are identified, assessed, and registered by Aseel's on-the-ground volunteer team, Atalan, who work tirelessly in Afghanistan's 24 provinces. We do this with 16% overhead, compared to the UN World Food Program’s 48% in Afghanistan.

To sponsor a family in Afghanistan, the sponsor must fill out the online beneficiary forms. The Atalan team provides an OMID ID and an OMID Card to registered beneficiaries, which helps us to have complete visibility into whom we are helping. Beneficiaries can use their OMID cards to contact Aseel in the future if they need assistance for the winter crisis, medical support, or anything else that can save a human life. The OMID cards are the most important aspect of our work because they lead to our plan of developing a people-run mobile platform through which anyone (donors, organizations, volunteers, shops, beneficiaries, and Afghan youth) can contribute to the rescue of our people.

You can also start a campaign or raise funds for a specific family, group of people, province, or any other cause related to food security and child malnutrition. The campaign organizer(s) must fill out the online form, providing the necessary information about the organizer and the campaign.

You can volunteer with us by completing the online form. Fill out the form with the required volunteer information and submit it.

The entire process is supervised by our Atalan Network, a volunteer group that advocates for the vulnerable people of Afghanistan. They help save their lives by distributing aid packages or raising awareness about Aseel’s efforts in tackling the ongoing humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan.

Together, we can fight back against this crisis and achieve the best positive result. We value and believe in mutual contribution and teamwork!

For any further inquiries, please contact the below individuals: