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Number of Donations: 77

Urgent: Earthquake Relief for Afghanistan

Organizers: Middle East Matters

Deadline: 2022-09-15

$5857 raise of $7900 target

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Current People-Led Campaigns

Help Recent Earthquake Victims in Afghanistan

Hello and Salam to YOU! My friends, and I are planning to help raise...

$50 raised of $2000


Emergency Appeal for Paktika

A powerful earthquake struck eastern Afghanistan killing 1,000, injuri...

$1106 raised of $5500


Urgent: Earthquake Relief for Afghanistan

Over 1,000 people were killed and an estimated 1,500 injured by a 6.1-...

$5857 raised of $7900


Support Earthquake affected people

Another catastrophe has hit Afghanistan again, this time Patika Provin...

$335 raised of $1900


Khōst Earthquake & Humanitarian Assistance

Afghan civilians are suffering from the recent 6.1 magnitude earthquak...

$322 raised of $8900


Paktika Earthquake & Humanitarian Assistance

As the Patika Province has been struck by a 6.1 earthquake small villa...

$19266 raised of $35500