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Afghan Artisan was established by a group of talented Afghan artists with a vision to showcase the beauty of Afghan artistry to the world. The artists, hailing from different provinces of Afghanistan, possess a diverse range of skills such as embroidery, sewing, stitching, weaving, knitting, calligraphy, pottery & ceramics, painting, jewelry-making, and more, making them a group of experienced artisans. Their mission is to promote and preserve the traditional art of Afghanistan while also creating modern and contemporary pieces that appeal to a global audience. From handmade clothing and stunning jewelry to pottery, each item is created using a blend of traditional and modern techniques to produce unique, vintage-style pieces that are highly sought after by customers worldwide. To ensure the quality of their products, the raw materials are sourced from various provinces of Afghanistan and neighboring countries, contributing positively to the economy of Afghanistan. The brand envisions expanding its reach to international markets with a broader customer base that values the exquisite beauty of Afghan artistry.

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  1. Barak Slippers

  2. Afghan Green Short Dress

  3. Afghan Beautiful Nahin De...

  4. Payment for the shipment ...

  5. Black Women's Coat |...

  6. Cherma Embroidered Spilt ...

  7. Islamic Solo Mandala Artw...

  8. Islamic Mandala Art | Beh...

  9. Red Full Embroidered Brid...

  10. Velvet Cherma Embroidered...

  11. Black Cherma Embroidered ...

  12. Black Balochi Embroidered...

Grid List

Items 1-36 of 68

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