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Lora Bright Shop

Lora Bright

Selling from Afghanishtan

Lora Bright founder Marziah Hafizi earned a journalism degree before launching the one-of-a-kind clothing line in 2018. Her primary goal in starting the company was establishing long-term markets for Afghan products due to the increasing supply and demand rates controlled by external countries such as Turkey, India, Pakistan, and Iran. The goal is to encourage Afghan-owned businesses to take over control of their market shares, thereby increasing wealth in the country and benefiting the economy and citizens. Hafizi reflects on her accomplishments due to her hard work and determination. Hafizi believes Afghan businesses must have support like Aseel, which helps boost product sales domestically and internationally. Otherwise, the consequences could mean losing economic opportunity and sacrificing much of Afghanistan’s treasured cultural heritage. With everything at stake, the first step for Hafizi was ensuring that the business would survive. Over the past two years, Hafizi has admirably pushed to increase brand visibility by representing the business in exhibitions throughout Afghanistan provinces, including Kabul, and internationally with foreign exhibits taking place in India, Turkey, and Kazakhstan. As she enjoys the rewards of hard-earned success, Hafizi wishes to share these opportunities with others. The brand employs 35 Afghans, the majority of women. The shop prides itself on hiring employees from the local community, too. Employees are offered the flexibility to work from the shop or home. As the business continues gaining momentum, Hafizi is expanding from women’s fashion to adding menswear and jewelry to the fashion line. Lora Bright has been in the spotlight before, but they have not gained traction in international markets; Hafizi hopes partnering with Aseel will change that. Now that Lora Bright is part of the Aseel network, Hafizi hopes to increase sales in Afghanistan and globally. Hafizi imagines a future where Afghans support themselves with beautiful handmade clothing. Despite challenges along the way, Hafizi refuses to let her dreams wither, knowing that her “Bright” can spark the same hope in others.

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  1. Leather Floral Embroidered Shoes | Ballet Flat shoes
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Items 1-36 of 219

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