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Shamla was founded by a team of energetic and ambitious individuals in October 2020 in Share Naw, Kabul, Afghanistan. The team had been planning, researching, and preparing for about a year prior to founding their brand in 2020. In the beginning, the Shamla worked hard to bring the quality needed for the brand as they brought in experts who had to train the staff intensively. This went on for four months until the technical staff was ready to produce high-quality clothing that could compete with international quality. Overtime, the staff’s workflow, operations, quality improved and Shamla became a brand known and beloved by many in Afghanistan today. To truly create genuine designs, Shamla did their research on market, customer needs, and designs. The team brought three professional designers whose job is not only bringing out authenticity but also likability and quality of the clothing. The motivation behind the Shamla Team is that the team understands that during the prolonged conflict in Afghanistan, people’s sense of fashion and uniqueness has deteriorated, given way to bland, poorly made clothing that does nothing to bring joy or show Afghan heritage. Over the years, since produces in Afghanistan have been limited in their ability to reach customers, much of the clothing seen in Afghanistan is imported. So no one in Afghanistan benefits from this current clothing industry--neither the designers and producers or the customers who could wear higher quality and better designed clothing. The team believes Afghan clothing design and fashion hasn’t been properly implemented, but that the potential is all there in the tradition behind the clothes and the modern fashions beginning to emerge. In support of this potential, Shamla designs, manufactures, wholesales, and retails exclusive and original ladies fashions, including traditional clothing, party wear, formal designs, and casualwear. Their clothing is sold mostly within Afghanistan, though some has made its way to a few international stores and retailers. What makes Shamla’s clothing stand is their unique and genuine designs that have been well-thought-out and carried out with quality. Shamla has 22 employees most of whom are women because the team believes that women in Afghanistan have been marginalized over the decades, and this way they can contribute in empowering them by training them, hiring them, and paying them fair wages for their work. Shamla’s vision is be on the top of clothing industry in Afghanistan and one day have extensive reach and many clients overseas all over the world. By partnering with ASEEL, Shamla believes it is a few steps closer this dream. Check out Shamla Brand’s designs now and see for yourself how they are bringing back Afghan fashion.


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  1. Semi Casual Top

  2. Semi Casual Top

  3. Casual Wear

  4. Semi Casual Pret

  5. Party Wear Fusion Three P...

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  7. Party Wear Fusion Dress

  8. Party Wear Fusion Lehenga...

  9. Semi Casual Dress

  10. Semi Casual Pret

  11. Party Wear Fusion Dress

  12. Party Wear Fusion Dress

  13. Bridal and Party Wear

  14. Semi Casual Dress

  15. Party Wear Fusion Dress

  16. Fusion Party Dress

  17. Party Wear Pomegranate Fu...

  18. Vintage Afghani Wedding D...

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  20. Maroon Tulle Afghani Fusi...

  21. Ultramarine Party Dress

  22. Black Silk Pary Dress

  23. Long Blue Party Dress

  24. Black Silk Party Dress

  25. Light Green Party Wear

  26. Lemon Yellow Fancy Dress

  27. Burgundy Fancy Dress

  28. Yellow Ochre Fancy Dress

  29. Blue Semi Casual Dress

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Items 1-36 of 39

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