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Athari | Support 50 Afghan Women in Tech

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50 Afghan Women in Tech


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This program primarily focuses on providing remote employment and leadership development opportunities for 50 talented Afghan women globally and in Afghanistan. The 50 women in tech program will enable these women to utilize their technical skills and abilities to work remotely with different private, NGOs and technology companies. The program is a full-year remote IT fellowship for Afghans. Each woman will receive a stipend and IT equipment. To fund this initiative, we have launched a grand challenge allowing donors from all around the world to participate in supporting these women. The program's first two months are an extensive learning opportunity. in the later nine months, the fellow will be working with one of the partners of this grand challenge as a full-time team member. In the final month, team members present their work to the IT firm they’ve been a fellow with and work with them with the goal of being offered a permanent and paid position. Successful applicants will be given a full-time paid remote employee for this program. All necessary equipment in order to support these women to work with partner organizations, including Aseel, Code to Inspire, Candian women for women in Afghanistan, Ehtesab, RapidIteration,Athari Group and Afghanistan and Central Asian Association, will be provided to them.



Athari Group

What: Participants receive one-on-one mentorship from established nonprofit founders and industry experts, a curriculum of workshops (covering topics such as root cause analysis, board development, and advanced fundraising), and an opportunity to gain $5,000 in seed funding. Workshops are held online, allowing for a truly global cohort, and the program is free. Why: The marketplace of ideas has a support gap: a great business or social enterprise can get funded at the idea stage, but nonprofits are typically not funded before they get off the ground. Individuals with great ideas often lack the requisite knowledge, fundraising capacity, support, and network to start a successful organization. Athari Group would like to bridge that gap, and support those interested in being in service to a cause greater than themselves.